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Smoke Signals

If you are interested in making your own selfbow, join me on Tuesday evenings in my bowshop for bow building instruction.  Contact me for details.

I also attend the following shoots/events:

Great Northern Traditional Bowhunters Expo - Kalamazoo, MI
Tennessee Classic at Twin Oaks Bowhunters Club - Clarksville, TN
Primitive Archery Rendezvous - Marshall, MI
Great Lakes Longbow Invitational - Hastings, MI
The Pine River Stickbow Shoot - Elm Hall, MI
Lapeer Bowmen Traditional Archery Rendezvous - Lapeer, MI

Contact Information

Enter information about yourself with any comments.  If you wish not to share your address or phone, I won't be offended.  If this application works like I envision, it will send me an email and I'll respond to your comments in a timely manner.  At a minimum, it will be fun for me to meet those of you visiting my sight.

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