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When high-tech, mechanical equipment has taken the challenge out of your hunt...

Materials For Sale

Sale Items*
(Due to the nature of some of these items, some supplies are limited)

Osage Bow Blank                                                                $150.00
Rattlestick DVD - A selfbow Tutorial (by Gary Davis)        25.00
Prairie Rattlesnake Skins (set)                                                 65.00
Whitetail Deer Leg Sinew ea. (unprocessed)                             4.00

Hide Glue (granular 7oz. bag)                           $  7.00
Cascophen (Resorcinol type)                             28.00
Rawhide Backing Strips (whitetail deer)           18.00
Cyanoacrylate & Accelerator                             12.00
Tillering Strings ea.                                              10.00

 *Shipping is not included in pricing, above.  Now accepting credit card payments.  Mastercard, Visa, Discover & American Express      

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