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SELFBOW:  A bow that is made from a single piece of wood often referred to as a bow stave (or two billets spliced at the handle).  It depends solely upon itself for its integrity. 

Still primitive yet a bit more advanced are BACKED bows.  A backed bow can be laminated with another piece of wood, rawhide or sinew to name a few.  What keeps these on the primitive side is that all natural materials are used.

The primitive bow is an impressive weapon.  It is capable of taking small and big game with a skillful, well placed shot.

All Wirwicki bows are handcrafted by myself, most often from Osage Orange (Maclura pomifera) a durable, resilient, rot resistant wood that can last decades.  Due to the individual uniqueness of any tree, no two bows will ever be the same. 

This will be a "living" webpage.  I will periodically add content and improve upon it, especially in the How-to Section hoping to provide help to aspiring bowyers.  Feel free to drop me a "smoke signal" with any content suggestions.

Matt Wirwicki
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